Tummy time, rolling and crawling

Tummy time is a precursor to rolling and crawling and is vital to the development of strong postural control. Some babies dislike being placed on their tummy and sometimes there can be a physical underlying reason for their discomfort.

Rolling, creeping and crawling are all developmental milestones that give an indication of a baby’s neuromotor maturation. There is a recognised range in which typically developing babies attain these milestones. However, some babies can be slow in developing these skills. If there is an underlying musculoskeletal cause for this delay, osteopathic treatment may be able to help.

Successfully mastering cross-pattern crawling is an important foundational movement, one which helps build the neural circuits that connect the two sides of the brain.  As osteopaths, we look at the many body parts that are involved in tummy time, rolling and crawling and treat any restrictions that may be inhibiting these motor skills from developing.