Pregnant and postnatal women

As pregnancy progresses, rapid physical changes occur which can affect the body’s centre of gravity. Pelvic instability can be a significant issue for some pregnant women, with the increased production of relaxin, the hormone that relaxes the ligaments. It can be beneficial to have osteopathic care during pregnancy to support the body with these changes and to help prepare the pelvis for the birthing process.

Postnatally, it can also be important to have an osteopathic check-up to alleviate body discomfort. The physical exertion during and after birth, including the rapid widening of the birth canal or awkward breastfeeding positions, can put immense strain on the body.

The physical demands from pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period can impact on our muscles, bones and ligaments, and how we feel in ourselves. Considered, non-invasive techniques used by our osteopaths can help to relieve some of those stresses on mum’s body, thereby promoting an improved sense of wellbeing.