Migraines and headaches

Headaches are a frequent symptom for some children and adolescents. While missing meals, food sensitivities, dehydration or tiredness may be some common headache triggers, musculoskeletal reasons for childhood headaches are also important to consider. Tension headaches can be caused from muscle contractions in the head and neck region. This muscle tension may be due to stress, tiredness and poor posture, presenting as a dull pain, tightness or pressure around the back of the head, neck and into the forehead.

Migraines are a severe form of headache often associated with visual disturbance, nausea and vomiting. As osteopaths we examine and treat any musculoskeletal structures that are contributing to the headaches. If the headaches are associated with fever, significant drowsiness or other symptoms, it may be a sign of a serious illness and we would refer to a doctor.