Dr Sonia Wainberg

BSc (Clin. Sc), MHSc (Osteo)

Meet Sonia, an Osteopath with a profound passion for her profession. Her dedication to osteopathy is deeply intertwined with her appreciation for the natural world, believing that our bodies function similarly to nature itself. This perspective provides a sense of comfort and harmony for Sonia. Through osteopathy, she has embraced the values of stillness, attentive listening, and patience.

Before embarking on her osteopathic career, Sonia worked as a massage therapist for several years. This experience sparked her reverence for the human body and ignited her desire to gain deeper knowledge. She pursued her osteopathic studies at Southern Cross University in NSW and has since engaged in various postgraduate studies across Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Sonia identifies as a generalist, treating individuals holistically rather than focusing on specific conditions or areas of the body. Her interests particularly lie in movement and functional breathing, recognising their significant impact on overall health.

Beyond her professional life, Sonia is a creative soul, honing her skills in embroidery, weaving, and knitting over recent years. She also has a strong fondness for exercise, with a long-standing passion for weightlifting. Recently, she rekindled her love for rock climbing, finding immense joy in its challenges and thrills.

Some of Sona’s post graduate studies

  • Osteopathic studies at Southern Cross University
  • Post Graduate Study in Australia, the UK, & the USA.